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In South Africa, a small group of elites in Pretoria has wielded unchecked power for too long, disregarding the voices of the people they are meant to serve. True democracy has been sidelined in favor of centralized control and opaque decision-making.

By empowering citizens through direct democracy, decentralizing governance, and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, One Nation seeks to revitalize our democracy. Together, we will reaffirm our belief in self-rule and ensure that every South African has a voice in shaping our collective future.

“One Nation is the only Party in South Africa and on the Continent that puts the Power of Governance into the hands of the People of South Africa.” - Marc Romé

Restoring True Democracy

One Nation stands firmly against this undemocratic status quo. We advocate for a return of power to the people through direct democratic mechanisms such as binding referendums and citizens’ initiatives. No longer should crucial national decisions be made behind closed doors or driven solely by party politics. It is time for every citizen’s voice to be heard.

Decentralizing Governance

We believe that power has become overly centralized, with decisions made in Pretoria that often do not reflect the diverse needs and realities of local communities. Decentralization of governance is essential to ensure that policies are responsive and tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of each region.

Ensuring Ethical Governance

Our political landscape has been marred by conflicts of interest, undue corporate influence, and a lack of transparency and accountability. One Nation pledges to overhaul this ethically compromised system. We will implement stringent regulations to prioritize the public good over narrow interests, restoring integrity and trust in government.


Our manifesto is a blueprint for empowering citizens through direct democracy, ensuring that every voice is heard and every vote counts.


Our manifesto is built on three core pillars that define our vision for a more democratic, transparent, and locally-driven governance. These pillars are:

Direct Democracy and Citizen Empowerment

We believe that every South African should have a direct say in the decisions that shape our nation.

Decentralized and Localized Decision-Making

We aim to decentralize governance, giving more power to regional and local authorities.

Government Integrity, Ethics, and Transparency

Measures to combat corruption, conflicts of interest, and undue influence by special interests.


Our core principle reflect our commitment to putting the power back in the hands of the people and ensuring that government decisions are transparent, ethical, and locally relevant.

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